About Wow World Group

WOW World Group are incredibly proud to have been supporting Tommy’s with Sensathon events since 2014 and have raised over £900,000 so far!

WOW World Group consists of 5 expertly researched child development programmes, paediatric first aid classes for parents and practitioners, and professional child photographers. The reputable WOW programmes are dedicated to supporting the learning and development of every baby and child, and the health and safety needs of everyone who attends their classes.

Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory provides ideas for creative play, massage, tummy time, movement, visual development, textures, scents and music in simple practical ways that can be easily repeated at home. They also use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early speech and language skills, and sensory signing activities to help you and your baby communicate from birth.

Toddler Sense

Every Toddler Sense session is jam-packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help your adventurous toddler or child burn off excess energy and develop vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills that form the foundation of all future learning.